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Contraction and Expansion of Life

Like the waves in the ocean, the contraction and expansion of this life are endless. Ultimately, it's our choice to jump in each time or remain calm on the sidelines.
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In science we talk about the concept of contraction and expansion. In life we say, "What goes up must come down." These are both laws that govern our existence. So why is it easy to accept a law of science but not easy to accept a law when it explains the truth of our own life? Why is it when we are in a down phase we think it will last forever? Or worse, when we are in an up phase we immediately anticipate the down.

Unfortunately, most people view life from a "down" perspective. They allow the negativity, or the fear of the negativity, to rule their existence. What if we took a step back and detached from every high and every low? Then we could maneuver our spaceship called Life with so much more ease. Let's talk about another adage, "This too shall pass." With everything that comes in our life, it's so profound to realize it is all in passing. The circumstances in our life have a time span, as do the people in our life. Even if a couple is married for over 60 years, chances are high one of them will die first.

This reality about our existence is not meant to make us somber. Quite the contrary, by realizing this too shall pass, we begin to truly learn the art of living. We realize the impermanence of pain and revel deep in the moments of joy. And we discover another law about this life: The Law of Detachment.

To truly detach from this journey of life is to learn one of the most profound formulas for happiness, because then we align to the spirit within. The mind and the ego like to cling. They find validation from dependency, be it objects, people or status. But the spirit is free and expansive. It does not need validation from anything on the outside. It knows all things in the external world are transient; and therefore cannot give true, lasting happiness. Have you heard the saying, "If you really want something, let it go"? This means to dissolve your attachment to it. It means to allow your dream or desire the space to breath, formulate and manifest.

People believe the harder they think a thought, the quicker it will come to them. They do not realize they're actually stomping on their destiny by doing this. We need to let it go and let it come together the way it's supposed to. If we don't then it will formulate prematurely. It's for this reason sometimes we'll get what we want, but it's disappointing.

Life has a natural process of coming together. It contracts, it expands, it goes up and it goes down. If we get out of the way and stop emphasizing our energy on the contraction and the down, then we allow space for the expansion and up to happen quicker. Surfers seem to understand this method of space.

They do not ride every wave. Perhaps it's this mentality that gives them the stereotype for being chill or relaxed. Perhaps being out in the water they are learning a big lesson about this life: To stay back and not get too caught up with every wave. They remain observant, riding the "good waves."

Like the waves in the ocean, the contraction and expansion of this life are endless. Ultimately, it's our choice to jump in each time or remain calm on the sidelines.
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