Conventions are for Voting

First, he delights in the protestors at his rallies, then he encourages the crowds to rough them up and says he'll even pay any legal fees they incur. Now, Donald Trump is saying "I think you'd have riots" if he doesn't become the nominee at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in four months. For any candidate for office, let alone the highest office in the land, even suggesting that violence would be acceptable is crossing a very serious line -- let alone suggesting "millions" of rioters.

The City of Cleveland did not do all the work necessary to secure the convention because they were hoping for a fight. We pride ourselves on our peaceful handing over of power in this country, and our next president should be committed to keeping it this way.

Whether you are a supporter of Mr. Trump or another of the republican candidates vying for the presidency, violence of any sort should never be an option, because violence is simply not acceptable and certainly not at a convention to pick the person who may be the next president of this country. There are rules and regulations and an entire committee devoted to making the convention run smoothly, to ensure the delegates have the right to vote and to select a candidate. The convention's rules were clear before candidates decided to run, so there is no reason - other than to make headlines -- for candidate Trump to even suggest that violence could be an option at the convention.

In our country's early years, disagreements were settled with duels, fist fights, and even a civil war. But in the 21st century surely the Republican Party can settle on a candidate without the need for violence of any kind. The rest of the world is watching, and it is essential that America, the greatest democracy in history, does not have to resort to violence to solve her political differences.