ConvertPlug - The Must-Have Plugin For 2016

If you currently run or have ever been in charge of your own website like me, you know how stressful it can be. Firstly, the setup can be a draining process and when it is finally launched, the worries continue. However, the hottest plugin of this year is about to change that and remove one worry in a matter of seconds.

Whether you run a website for a magazine or for a health and fitness program, ConvertPlug has quickly become a must-have for websites of any nature. List building plugins have a reputation as something that can only be afforded by companies of a certain size or someone who is willing to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars; however, this has all changed as ConvertPlug is available via the codecanyon store for just $21. With its closest competitors, OptinMonster and SumoMe, available for $199 per year and $100 per month, its not hard to see why this plugin has taken the market by storm.

Normally, when you read about plugins of this price, they are dismissed almost instantly as the thought is that it 'can't have a lot of features'. However, this isn't true when it comes to ConvertPlug and it provides the perfect opportunity for companies of any size or even individuals to increase the conversion rate of their websites and help them to build email lists fast. This really is the most affordable and powerful email list building tool.


Variety of display positions - One of the main features of this great plugin is the many options that the user has once installed. The 'modal pop-up' offers an overlay which makes it easy for any visitor to type in their email address and join the list, the 'widget box' can be customised according to the layout of the website and will look great alongside important articles. In addition to this, there is also an info bar that can be installed at the top and bottom of every page as well as a slide-in option that can move in from either side. The main objective of any blog or website is to ensure the visitors return and the best way to do this is to help them along the way. If people are enjoying your site, they will want to sign up so they are kept abreast of all related news and new posts so ConvertPlug is the PERFECT way to do this. By increasing your visitors, you can increase your sales.

Templates - No time will be wasted in creating a template, you will be able to get going in minutes with the ready-made templates available to all. Users are able to choose from a plethora of designs and get their site equipped faster than ever before.

Editing made easy - The real-time live editor offers the ability to make changes to the templates without having to pass a degree in coding. This task that used to be a nightmare in the past has been made easy as it allows you to see all changes live so you can make judgements on what will work more efficiently.

'Exit Intent Technology' - ConvertPlug allows you to save those visitors who are just about to leave. A template can be set-up so that it pops up just as they hit the 'close window' button meaning that you can turn temporary visitors into subscribers and customers.

Analytics - One problem that arises with some list building plugins is that you can't necessarily see how certain campaigns are going; sure you can see who is signing up but that is the extent of the data. ConvertPlug has you covered here also as it offers an analytics page where you can compare different campaigns and see what percentage of visitors are signing up. This is great if you are trying two different display positions and want to see which of the two is most effective meaning that you can really personalise and target your site knowing what works and what doesn't.

Support - Along with all of the benefits laid out above and more, all users will also get six months of support from the creators of the plugin with the option of increasing this to a full year for less than $7. Brainstorm Force, the company that has brought this fantastic product to us bloggers and website owners, is well known for offering a fantastic service which includes support whenever necessary. If you have a problem that you think is quite common, they also have a YouTube channel that provides a number of solutions.


The installation process has been made easy with this plugin meaning that you can get going in an extremely short period of time. Once you have created the campaign, you can choose what position you want it to have, what template you want to use, how the pop up is triggered (click, scroll, exit, etc.) and then test it to see it in action.


With so many list builders on the market being expensive making it a risk, ConvertPlug provides the perfect solution to those that want to start building email lists but do not have the investment levels that others may have. Even though the plugin is more affordable, you really aren't missing out as you get a wealth of different features which provide you with everything that could possibly be needed. If you have been considering whether to start a subscription list, I highly recommend that ConvertPlug be your first port of call.