Convincing Men That They Can't Perform

Pfizer is worried. Not enough men think they have a problem in bed, so Pfizer plans on launching a second campaign to make them understand that they just don't have what it takes.

The problem for Pfizer is Viagra's sagging sales; the problem for men, according to Pfizer, is impotence. But many men just don't seem to get it. So now they'll be educated about this serious condition--again.

Pfizer tells us that "over half of all men over forty have some degree of ED" (erectile dysfunction).

But according to the New York Times, "What is not generally spelled out is that about 80 percent of those classified as having erectile dysfunction in the study were categorized as having only a moderate or minimal problem."


Meanwhile, an Inaugural Conference on Disease-Mongering is starting today in Australia.

"Disease-mongering" promotes non-existent diseases and exaggerates mild conditions in order to boost profits for the industry, according to the online journal Public Library of Science Medicine.

According to the organizers, "many marketing strategies appear to be about selling sickness in order to sell drugs. Examples of disorders that have been represented in this way are as diverse as male and female erectile dysfunction . . ."

There is a group which appears to agree with this conference, and they've started Viagraholics Anonymous. You can find them here and also take their quiz if you suspect you have a problem--with Viagra addiction.