You're Better Than Waffle Cones. You Deserve A Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone.

Forget Waffle Cones. You Deserve A Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone.

Today in ice cream trends: Cookie cones are hot and waffle cones are totally not.

ice cream cookie cone(Photo:

A cookie cone is exactly what it sounds like: an oversized cookie shaped into cone form. They've been around for a while, but it's ice cream season right now, and some innovations are permanently cool. The ingenious creation pictured above comes from the men over at Dude Foods, and it is the ultimate dessert hybrid, a reimagined Chipwich situation that begets endless possibilities. Smear the inside of the cone with a bit of cookie butter, and you've got double the cookie, triple the irresistibility.

To craft this delicious innovation in your own home, Dude Foods found through trial and error that all you have to do is bake a large cookie and roll it into cone shape the instant it's finished baking, before it has the chance to harden. You can use a waffle cone shaper or any cone-shaped object to help.

Fill your chocolate chip cookie cone with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and your taste buds will react like angels have dropped from the heavens to sing. Then consider experimenting with other doughs: Oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and chocolate cookie dough all have the capacity to be the foundation of your ice cream cone.

Once you become a cookie cone connoisseur, you might move on to even crunchier things, like a Rice Krispie treat cone. Dude Foods also played with Fruity Pebbles cereal, butter and marshmallows to concoct this gorgeous cone:

fruity cone

With this sort of inspiration, you might never get around to eating a plain waffle cone again.

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