Cookie Dough Brownies

These cookie dough brownies are a treat that you can't beat!
12/05/2014 11:02am ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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These cookie dough brownies are a treat that you can't beat! Who doesn't love eating eggless cookie dough, especially when it's on a fudgy brownie!

I'm pretty sure that my main reason for baking so much is the raw cookie dough/brownie batter/pie crust.

Why does food taste so much more decadent and yummy before you put it in the oven and kill all of the salmonella?

Weird, man.

I'm actually not a fan of salmonella, like, at all. So, I topped these ooey gooey brownies with some eggless cookie dough. Then I burst. You know, from all of the cookie dough brownies that I shoveled in my mouth.

These are rich, but not as rich as I expected. I did cut them fairly small, though. Which just meant that I had to eat two. Whatever.

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