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Cookie Fail: Reasons You Should Be Easier On Yourself When You Mess Up (PHOTOS)

14 reasons to take it easier on yourself after a baking mistake.
04/22/2013 09:03am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Okay, everyone. You believe that you've screwed up your cookies, big time. Perhaps, they are a bit too crisp around the edges. Perhaps they're a bit burnt. Maybe they're a little under-done, or have an uneven number of chocolate chips. We have great news: it could be worse.

Cookie fails happen all the time. The bravest among us share them on the internet, for us all to laugh at and feel just a little bit better about our own cooking disasters. Look at your cookies, then look at these cookies and take it a little easier on yourself.


Even the spatula couldn't stand it.


The execution was flawless, but the concept could use a little work.




Deep breaths.



Nailed it, part two.


Something has gone terribly wrong here.


Sometimes, the most frustrating fail is when it just becomes one big cookie. Still tastes good, but you were SO CLOSE.

What's your worst cookie fail? Let us know in the comments!

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