Cookie Monster's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Is The Sweetest Thing On The Internet Right Now

The "Sesame Street" favorite spilled the beans on internet cookies, rent and Kermit in the cute online Q&A.

We’ll tell you how to get, how to get to the sweetest thing on the internet right now.

Just check out the Cookie Monster’s adorable AMA (Ask Me Anything) question and answer session on Reddit. It’s nom, nom, nom.

The “Sesame Street” character this week answered fans’ queries to raise awareness and money for the Yellow Feather Fund, which helps vulnerable children.

Find out what the children’s TV icon really thinks of internet cookies, duets and Kermit the Frog in the cutest selection of responses below.

How big is your cookie collection?

What’s the best way to get crumbs out of your fur?

My 7-year-old daughter is about to start selling cookies for Girl Scouts. Do you have any advice for her?

Who would you most like to sing a “C is for Cookie” duet with?

Do you like Kermit the frog?

What is the optimum number of chocolate chips per cookie?

We know cookies are your favorite food. What is your second favorite food?


If you were a cookie what kind of cookie would you be?

My son is your biggest fan in the world. His name is Nico and he’s almost 2. Any words of advice for him???

Is there a cookie you will not eat?

What do you think of internet cookies?

How’s the rent on Sesame Street?