Cookie Monster Sings 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' At Wrigley Field

"C is for Cubbies," yelled the famous Sesame Street Muppet at a Chicago Cubs game.

Under game pressure, this cookie didn’t crumble.

Cookie Monster sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in his inimitable style during the Cubs game at Wrigley Field Thursday.

He sang off-key. He mangled his grammar (“Me not care if me never get back.”) In other words, he was his adorable self and the crowd loved it.

“Let’s get some cookies!” he yelled at the end. It was a sweet nod to the late Cubs announcer Harry Caray, who serenaded fans with the song for years during the seventh-inning stretch and exhorted the home team afterward: “Let’s get some runs!”

It’s a long way from Sesame Street to the Major Leagues, but Cookie Monster still remembered to teach the kid in all of us on Thursday.

“Today, C is for Cubbies!” he yelled.

The Cubs beat the Braves, 9-7. Even though he didn’t suit up, Cookie Monster was definitely the MVP ― most valuable puppet.

You knew he would knock it out of the park. Just look how psyched he was before the game.

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