Cooking for Solutions Sustainable Foods Institute: a Sampling of Upcoming Talks (VIDEO)

Cooking for Solutions is a yearly event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to raise awareness about the choices we make regarding seafood, the impact those choices might have on the oceans ecosystem, and learn more about sustainable fisheries and fish farming.

Within that event is another: Sustainable Foods Institute, which is a two day conference for the media to promote learning and discussion around the many issues that impact food and sustainability issues. This year's talks and panel discussions brought together an eclectic mix of scientific experts, environmental journalists, top sustainability chefs, science authors, and others to discuss the state of the ocean's health, climate change, aquaculture, sustainable fishing and agriculture practices, genetic engineering, the obesity epidemic, and much more.

Over 30 people spoke this year, and here is a short sampling:

Paul Hawken - Reclaiming our future
Dr. Julia Baum - The oceans are in deep trouble
Michel Nischan - Empowering people to choose healthier foods
Rick Bayless - Building the relationship between farmer and chef
Dr. Marion Nestle - People are eating more
Dr. Pamela Ronald - Genetically engineered is safe

Originally posted on Cooking Up a Story.