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What To Cook On Sunday So You Can Eat Healthy The Rest Of The Week

Do the work today, and reap the benefits all week long.

In the hopes of making this fall a healthier one, we're rounding up recipes to cook on Sunday that'll help us eat healthy all week long. Because when you have delicious home-cooked meals to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it's a lot easier to not order pizza three nights in a row. We launched the first installment of this series last week -- check it out for some great ideas -- and we have even more awesome recipes for you to try this weekend.

We found cherry granola bars (ahem, when they're homemade you can control how much sugar goes into them) and protein-loaded quinoa parfaits for breakfast; a kale and lentil salad that will serve up a few great lunches or as a side (kale keeps really well when dressed, unlike spinach or other soft greens); beef stew and easy stuffed peppers for quick-to-heat-up dinners and awesome packed lunches. Plus, an arugula pesto that can be quickly turned into a pasta dinner or smeared on a simple sandwich to make it delicious, and a butternut squash hummus that will upgrade any salad or make a great, healthy snack.

Folks, do the work this Sunday -- and reap the rewards all week long.

Chewy Cherry, Almond And Cacao Nib Granola Bars
Half Baked Harvest
Strawberry And Quinoa Parfait
Foodie Crush
Get the Strawberry and Quinoa Parfait recipe from Foodie Crush

You basically just need to make a big batch of quinoa on Sunday and scoop it into a bowl with yogurt and fruit in the morning during the week. Voila, a protein-rich breakfast is served in a matter of minutes.
Arugula Pesto
Foodie Crush
Get the Arugula Pesto recipe from Foodie Crush
Lentil, Kale And White Bean Salad
Bev Cooks
Beef And Butternut Stew with Pearl Couscous
How Sweet It Is
Easiest Ever Stuffed Peppers
Bev Cooks
BONUS: Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus
How Sweet It Is
Get the Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus recipe from How Sweet It Is

This fall-inspired hummus recipe is not only delicious, but it can upgrade a quick sandwich or salad.

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