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If You Thaw Your Steaks Before Cooking, You're Doing It Wrong

Let's defy conventional wisdom.

You're in the mood for steak and have some choice cuts in the freezer -- what's your first step?

If you answered "thaw the steaks," prepare to have your mind and palate blown, because you've been doing it wrong according to Dan Souza, Senior Editor of Cook's Illustrated.

In this video above from America's Test Kitchen that challenges conventional wisdom, Souza demonstrates the differences that occur when you cook the frozen versus thawed steaks, and the end results are shocking. "When we tasted them here in the test kitchen, we preferred the cooked from frozen steaks hands down," states Souza.

Along with taste, there are also added benefits in terms of both time and size. Click play to learn how your next steak can be made so much better than ever before.

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