All The Times Rice Beat Us In The Game Of Life

Rice is the Achilles' heel of many great home cooks

People don't often talk about it, but rice is the Achilles' heel of many great home cooks. It might seem like the simplest dish to make -- just water and rice -- but the amount of times it goes wrong is countless.

It all starts off promising. Bring water to a boil -- preferably salted. Add rice. Cover. Simmer. Then fluff your perfect rice. SO EASY, right? But the reality almost never pans out that way.

More often than not rice is gelatinous, gloppy, crunchy or just burned into one solid hard block. It's heartbreaking. It's spirit crushing. And it makes many of us never want to cook again. (Or, it makes us want to break down and buy a rice cooker even though our kitchen could not possibly handle one more appliance.)

In the game of life there are winners and there are losers, but when we face off against rice it almost always defeats us. Here are nine times that rice made us swear we were never cooking another meal at home again. Nine times that rice beat everyone (and everything) in the game of life.

Rice meets skillet.
Flickr: Joe Hall
Rice wins.
Rice meets microwave.
Flickr: Warren Noronha
Rice destroys microwave.
Rice meets baby.
Nabi Lukic via Getty Images
Rice mocks you with a giant rice pancake.
Flickr: Andy Munzer
Double points for rice.
And tops it off with a burned layer.
Flickr: Andy Munzer
Rice hits you with another giant rice pancake
Flickr: Iwan Gabovitch
You start to convince yourself that you love burned giant rice pancakes. But, you don't. No one does.
In case that didn't totally crush your spirit, here's another view.
Flickr: Iwan Gabovitch
And once you learn not to burn your rice...
Rice is undercooked.
Imgur: MjLoqel
Hope you like the crunch.
And then, when you FINALLY get it right...
Imgur: SwanySwanSwan
Rice wins at life. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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