A Visual Guide To Cooking With Herbs

(No not that kind.)

Spring is here, but depending on where you live, it might not feel that way. No matter the temperature, one way to feel instantly seasonal is to start adding some herbs to your plate. Whether you're growing them in a window box or picking them up at the farmers market or grocery store, herbs like mint, parsley, dill and cilantro will force spring upon you.

Check out this infographic from Chadwicks for foolproof ideas for cooking with herbs. For an added bonus, you'll find the suggestions below are strictly vegetarian. (We often think about ways herbs can complement meat, fish and poultry, but they're also excellent enhancements for vegetarian recipes, too.)

The infographic clearly lays out which foods, flavors and cooking oils go well with each herb. It also lists vegetarian dishes for which each herb is best suited. Just like spring itself, it's a beautiful and refreshing chart that will definitely get you thinking seasonally.

herb guide

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