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10 Ways To Use Mustard, Other Than On Hot Dogs

When you look at a bottle of mustard, what do you think? That it's just a condiment for hot dogs, right? Sadly that bottle of mustard probably just sits in your refrigerator, only making an appearance during the summer when you're grilling dogs or brats. Don't take that mustard for granted -- it can do a lot more than you'd expect. Think sauces, glazes, stews, dressings and more.

Mustard, whether it's bright yellow or fancy Dijon, can highlight many dishes. In most cases all you need is a spoonful to add some tangy flavor to recipes. Beyond that mustard is also a helper in the kitchen -- it can emulsify a vinaigrette and thicken a stew. Let's not forget in South Carolina they have a barbecue sauce that makes mustard the star ingredient. See all the great ideas for cooking with mustard in the slideshow below.

Mustard Recipe Ideas