Food Magazine Lifts Article, Tells Writer "You Should Be Happy"

In 2005 a writer called Monica Gaudio wrote a great article called A Tale Of Two Tarts, which discussed (among other things) apple pie's Americanism (or not) and its evolution from a sugarless mixture of fruit and spices, cooked in a coffin (no, not THAT sort of coffin: read the article!) to its current sweet pastried form.

Roll on five years. Ms Gaudio had pretty much forgotten about her article until a friend of hers congratulated her on her piece about apple pies which she had just read in Cooks Source Magazine (I'm itching to put an apostrophe in there: anyone else?). Cooks' Source (sorry, I couldn't hold out any longer) isn't just a website: it is also a money-making print magazine, which has a whole stable of advertisers which contribute to its finances.

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