COOL, Richard Kennedy Party, Coming To NYC's 54 Below

A new party is slated to hit NYC tomorrow that will merge tomorrow's biggest Broadway stars with some of the most prolific individuals engaged in downtown nightlife today.

Titled COOL, the party is the brainchild of Richard Kennedy, who is rolling out a wide-ranging spectrum of performance practices for a night of art, music and cultural production. COOL will take place at NYC's 54 Below, a space that aims to recreate the spirit of Studio 54 in a modern day context.

In order to better understand COOL and Kennedy's vision for the party, The Huffington Post chatted with the curator about what he is trying to accomplish, those involved in the formation of COOL and what attendees can expect.


The Huffington Post: What are you trying to accomplish with this event? My goal is to open communication between different performance practices by successfully mixing a full spectrum of artists into traditionally commercial performance spaces -- thus broadening the dialogue of live theatre in hopes at regaining some sort of sub cultural relevance.

Who are the individuals involved with this event? La'fem Ladosha Juliana Huxtable Neil Haskell (SYTYCD, 9 TO 5, Bring it On) CUNTMAFIA Brian Charles Johnson (Spring Awakening, American Idiot) Jessica Hershberg ( Little Women, Cinderella) Lesley McKinnell (Wicked) Rahel Preston Boyd (Bullets over Broadway, Big Fish) Richard Kennedy (Wicked, Fosse) A N M L VIOLENCE Juliana Huxtable

How does the legacy of Studio 54 live on in this space? Studio 54 was about creating and maintaining life as a fantasy. Those walls hold the dreams and the secrets of many of the most fabulous ghosts of disco past. 54 Below is our generation's greatest relative to what was once the most decadent and lavish nightlife experience ever. COOL Is a juxtaposition of past and future.

What can attendees expect? A world class show! Sexy people! Amazing music! Good vibes! You know, all the things we wish for when we indulge our own studio 54 fantasies.

COOL will take place Thursday, June 19 at NYC's 54 Below. Head here for more information.