The 19 Coolest Things To Do With A Basement (PHOTOS)

The 19 Coolest Things To Do With A Basement

It's hard to see past the limitations of a basement. The space is often dark, damp and unfinished. But a few talented designers were able to see the potential. If we ever won the lottery, we might try one of these really awesome ideas.

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Create A Giant Playhouse
Have The Bar Of Your Dreams
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Make A Game Area
Create A Den
Two Words: Wine Cellar
Play Ping-Pong In Peace
Have A Nice Quiet Place To Watch TV
Create A Space To Store Your LEGO Collection
Make A "Loft"-Style Living Space
Add Tons Of Storage
Have An Indoor Hockey Match, Whenever You Want
Let The Kids Take Over
Or Let The Adults Take Over With A Brewery
Hold Band Practice
Add A Kitchenette
Make Your Own Art Studio
Create Your Own Sports Memorabilia Museum
Work Out Without Being Bothered
Go For A Swim

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