Insanely Cool Geysers You've Never Heard About Are Begging For A Visit

You might have suspected this, but Old Faithful is not the only geyser on this planet. Our earth holds other watery wonders that compare to -- and even rival -- the Yellowstone superstar's beauty. Even so, we bet you've never heard of them.

Behold: This is Fly Geyser, and it's located in Nevada.



You could say Fly Geyser is man-made, because well drilling in the 60s is what caused minerals to rise to the Earth's surface, pile up, and form the mound you see today.


fly geyser

Aren't they pristine? Don't they look like little camel humps? Don't you just want to GO to them?



You can't get up close to Fly Geyser, because there's a high fence with spikes around it. But you can see the geysers from the road outside Fly Reservoir, and they sure are breath-stealing.

Another geyser you didn't know about is called Strokkur Geyser. It erupts every four to eight minutes, and when it does, its water stream shoots about 130 feet high. You can visit Strokkur in a geothermal park near the Hvítá River in Iceland.

strokkur geyser


strokkur geyser

The final geyser that should be on your radar is El Tatio, which is actually a field of over 80 geysers situated on the Chilean side of the Andes Mountains.

The average geyser here only erupts to about two and a half feet high, but there are so many of them that the boundless plain of steam is surely a sight to behold.


el tatio

el tatio

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