Cool Grannies: The Secret To Their Success

No previous generation of grandmothers has contained such a high percentage of women who either worked while raising their kids or returned to work when they had grown up. As a result, many of today's grandmothers are women at the very top of their careers, more likely to be locked in a boardroom or speaking at an international conference than gardening or watching TV. "I know plenty of grandmothers who carry pictures of their grandchildren in their briefcases," says Curtis. "Women in their 50s and 60s are often at their career peak - but they don't want to miss out on being a grandmother. It's like a second chance, and they know how quickly the early years go by, so they're even more determined to make the most of it. You'd think women wouldn't want to be grandmothers because of what it meant in terms of growing older, but in fact I think that once their children are old enough, they long for it."