'Cool Kids' Parody Shows What It Really Takes To Be A 'Cool Mom'

Here's Why You Definitely ARE A Cool Mom

New year, new music, new parenting parody videos. Laughing Moms, the YouTube channel behind the mom-centric Meghan Trainor parody, "I Just Can't Clean This Place," has released a new music video, titled "Cool Moms."

Parodying "Cool Kids" by Echosmith, "Cool Moms" tackles a temptation that many moms struggle to resist -- that constant urge to compare themselves to all the other moms in the neighborhood, you know, the ones who seem like they've got it all together all the time.

"Cool Moms" captures the feelings of self-doubt that parents experience on a daily basis, with lyrics like "I wish that I could be like the cool moms. Cuz all the cool moms all have a cool blog" and "No crumbs on their carpet. Or on their leather seats." But, the song isn't as melancholy as it seems. The spoken lyrics at the beginning declare that being a cool mom is about "your heart" and the love you give your kids.

In the closing captions, "Cool Moms" issues a challenge to mothers everywhere: "Let's stop comparing ourselves to those around us and appreciate how amazing it is to be a mom. You are the world to your children and we can't think of anything cooler than that."

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