Cool Summer Sweets In Los Angeles: 5 Frozen Foods To Eat Now

Beyond Fro-Yo: Cool Down With 5 Frozen Things In LA

It's damn hot outside. And fro-yo might've sufficed you in June ... but it's July, and you're over that Pinkberry wannabe on the corner. Something different, please -- but still frozen. Cool your mouth and put the following five treats in it for the duration of summer. Cham Korean Bistro: Cham, the bright and cheerful Korean tapas hangout in Pasadena, has been scooping ice cream into beer long before Father's Office debuted its beer floats. Cham's Peach Cobbler Float is unbeatable on a typical Pasadena summer night -- scoops of vanilla ice cream combined with sliced peaches, all topped with fruit-forward Lambic beer and a tap of cinnamon. You garner both a buzz and a brain freeze -- for just $5.Cham Korean Bistro, 851 Cordova Street, at South Lake Avenue (626-792-2474 or Mateo's: Enter Mateo's, a cartoonish ice cream shop at the far end of a strip mall in Culver City, and the first case of frozen treats you meet are individually-wrapped fruit bars, or paletas. This is just one of three Mateo's locations in the city, but all offer copious flavors such as mango, strawberry, coco de leche, guava and more, but perhaps the most popular popsicle to put in your mouth is the leche quemada with pitaya -- a white fruit bar that bears the flavor of smoked milk (not unlike licking a frozen latte doctored not with espresso but with the innards of an American Spirit); the last inch of the fruit bar is dark pink, which is the 5% bonus flavor of red cactus.Mateo's, 4929 Sepulveda Boulevard, at Lucerne Avenue (310-313-7625) Sweet Rose Creamery: Beyond the love-churned scoops at Brentwood Country Mart's ice cream parlor is a familiar something frozen on a stick: chocolate-dipped bananas. Oh, the nostalgia ... for "Arrested Development." While the Bluth bananas of Balboa are a frozen force, Angelenos ought to support Zoe Nathan's (Huckleberry, Rustic Canyon) homemade dip. The big-deal bananas, of course, are from the farmers market.Sweet Rose Creamery, 225 26th Street, at San Vicente Boulevard (310-260-2663 or Funnel Mill: For reasons we won't pontificate, Funnel Mill is often left off of "Best Coffee in LA" lists (and therefore, this Santa Monica coffee shop does not boast an Intelligentsia kind of runway). We, indeed, visit Funnel Mill for its laborious syphoning of rare coffees via a glass machine you'd find in a chemist's lab; this, of course, filters out the brown gunk and removes the acidity we always wished coffee didn't have. But for something chilled, beans are cold-brewed for four days, and coffee is poured over fresh-made ice cubes of ... coffee. No, it's not wrong to just want a glass of ice here.Funnel Mill, 930 Broadway Street, at 10th Street (310-393-1617 or Get Shaved: It's the happily-ever-after that all food trucks pine for: A truck, such as one that rations out shaved Hawaiian ice for the good people of LA, becomes such a big deal it opens not one but two brick-and-mortar locations. This is the tale of Get Shaved, whose mobile variety is still a roaming target, but you can find it standing still in both Northridge and Torrance. Just about everyone who tries it falls for the Get Shaved frozen formula: half ice cream, half shaved ice, all topped with sweetened condensed milk. You're free to concoct your own marriage of the two, or go for a signature combo like "#4 Monkey Brains" (strawberry ice cream, banana shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk).Get Shaved, 9255 Reseda Boulevard, Unit B, at Prairie Street (818-399-5133 or

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