We Found Cool Tech Gifts For The Non-Techie Family Member

These practical tech gifts will get a thumb's up even from those who aren't techie at all.

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There's always one family member who has a little bit of trouble figuring out how to power up something. 
There's always one family member who has a little bit of trouble figuring out how to power up something. 

’Tis the season for holiday shopping, so you’ve probably been busying trying to check off all the loved ones on your list — including finding something for someone who really loves their candles, that person who got into baking this year and guys who plan on keeping their quarantine beards.

But when it comes to getting a gift for the family member who takes their time trying to find the on/off switch on a device, you might be feeling confused about what to get them that won’t be too hard to figure out.

There’s always that one family member who owns a phone, smartwatch and tablet and yet doesn’t actually know how to use some of the special features on them.

Don’t worry, though — we got you covered and found practical tech gifts for someone who isn’t tech savvy at all. These gifts won’t be hard to figure out and they’ll want to use them all the time.

From a temperature-controlled mug that’ll help stop their coffee from getting too cold too fast, to a self-watering indoor garden that’ll help with their green thumb and a rechargeable lighter that’ll have them ditching matches, these gifts might just make them want to try out even more new tech.

Take a look:

A mug that'll keep their coffee from getting cold
If the thought of cold brew fills them with dread, get them this temperature-controlled mug. With this mug, you can set it to the perfect degree and leave your drink hot for up to an hour. Find it for $100 at Bloomingdale's.
A rechargeable lighter that's an upgrade from matches
We know know a candle lover (or two!). So this gift makes sense for those who like to get lit: A rechargeable lighter that's better than trying to light a match. It can last up to 300 uses on just one charge. Find it for $45 at Food52.
A self-watering indoor garden for some greenery
With this garden, they won't have to flex their green thumb too much. This planter includes a self-watering feature that can hold a month's worth of water and LED lamp for the light your garden needs. The kit even comes with three basil pods. So it'll be easy peasy to figure out. Find it for $100 at Nordstrom.
A lamp that's sure to spark some ideas when working-from-home
You probably know someone who's feeling fatigued after so many months of working-from-home. But they'll appreciate this thoughtful gift: A lamp with a charging base. They can light up and recharge at the same time, without all those cables getting in the way. Find it for $14 at Walmart.
A smartphone sanitizer to fight germs
Uncommon Goods
Probably one of the most practical gifts of 2020, this sanitizer "takes care of the dirty work for you." Your family member can place their phone inside and let the ultraviolet lights help get rid of some of the germs on it. This sanitizer has a built-in rechargeable battery. Find it starting for $80 at Uncommon Goods.
A charging station to keep their tech in one place
Urban Outfitters
Perfect for their nightstand, this charging station features different compartments and removable lids to store even more cables and trinkets. It has an opening in the back to put a charging cable through. Find it for $54 at Urban Outfitters.
An easy-to-use camera for snapshots in a snap
If they're always wondering how to work their phone's camera, you might get them a Fuji camera that'll give them instant gratification. This bundle comes with an instant camera, film sheets, photo album and camera case. Find it $69 at Walmart.
A blender that's easy on the ears
This blender from Black & Decker features "Quiet Technology," which means it'll make less noise when they're blending up fruits and veggies. It also has three different speeds, plus a pulsing option. Find it for $80 at Macy's.
A portable charger that can handle their phone or tablet
Best Buy
Sometimes you need to recharge. And this portable charge can work for most mobile devices and is small enough to fit just about anywhere. There are LED lights on it to know when it needs a bit of a break. It's a cheap stocking stuffer that's sure to get used a lot. Find it for $10 at Best Buy.
A portable facial humidifier to keep their skin looking fresh
The beauty lover in your life won't be able to resist this humidifier, which helps get fresher-looking skin. They can use it before or after their 10-step beauty routine. It has quiet and cool mist control with LED lights for when it gets dark outside. Find it for $39 at Nordstrom.
A massager that they just might knead for their feet
They'll just have to press a button to get this deep-kneading foot massager up and running. After a long day, this massager can heat up and the nodes can get to working on your feet. Find it for $57 at Macy's.
A waterproof, wireless speaker to jam out
This is a speaker that won't be too hard to figure out — they can wirelessly connect their phone or tablet for up to 20 hours of play time. And they can charge up with this speaker, too. Find it for $120 at Walmart.