The Coolest Food Trucks Ever

2012-06-22-3delpopolo_facebook.jpgWith food truck fever continuing the sweep the nation there are now trendy mobile eateries that serve everything from cupcakes to sushi to on-the-go consumers. Yet for every run-of-the-mill Korean taco truck and sandwich stand there are a handful of mobile food ventures that are pushing the envelope with new and innovative dining concepts (Photo Credit: Facebook/Del Popolo).

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Throngs of restaurants do their best to serve locally sourced ingredients and support local food artisans, but Lulu's Local Eatery takes the concept a step further by using herbs and fruits harvested on the roof of their food truck. And the Roving Mammoth in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. is constructed on top of a Snowcat so that it can offer slope-side burritos to skiers even under the harshest conditions.

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Ever imagine ordering a brick-oven pizza from a truck? The pizzaiolos behind Del Popolo in San Francisco created one of the first mobile pizza ovens in the country, and designed stunning floor-to-ceiling windows so customers can watch their food being prepared. And for the country's smallest food truck venture to Austin, where Verts is serving up Berlin-inspired döner kebap from a smart car food truck.

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From a fully-electric food truck to one with an iPad ordering system, these mobile culinary ventures are expanding the limits of innovation in the world's dining scene.

- Molly Aronica, The Daily Meal

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The Coolest Food Trucks Ever