10 Reasons Grandparents Are The Best

10 Things That Prove Grandkids Really Love Their Grandparents

Grandparents. They say yes when parents say no. They never forget their grandkids' birthdays. They have the best one-liners ever. And some of them are just plain badass.

While kids may go through their awkward stage or the don't-want-to-be-seen-with-mom phase, grandparents have a special place in every kid's heart. Users of Whisper, an app that allows you to anonymously post thoughts using pictures have shared some examples of what makes their grandparents so awesome. From doling out morsels of wisdom from lives well-lived, to telling some seriously epic tales, here are 10 reasons grandkids truly adore their elders, as told by Whisper users:

1. They understand the meaning of true love.

2. They love a good double entendre.

3. They're always down for an adventure, man.

4. They're slowly coming to terms with technology.

5. They give the best advice.

6. Their love stories are just incomparable.

7. They make us want to be better.

8. They haven't lost their childish sense of humor.

9. They've renewed our faith in soulmates.

10. They have the answers to everything.

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