Here Are The 22 Coolest Tweets Ever, According To Twitter

Tweeters have sent a grand total of more than 300 billion tweets, according to the financial prospectus Twitter filed Thursday ahead of its highly-anticipated public offering. But only a handful those tweets merited inclusion in the IPO documents. As you might imagine, the tweets that were included were heavy on ads, and light on spambots masquerading as porn stars. Still, as the Wall Street Journal notes, Twitter may be the only company to include Osama Bin Laden in its IPO filing.

We've collected Twitter's favorite tweets -- or at least the ones it thinks will help them make money.

Here are the tweets Twitter considers worth celebrating:

Obama's election:

Osama bin Laden raid:

Hurricane Sandy:

US Airways Flight 1549 lands on Hudson River: twitter ipo tweets

Mario Batali trades tips with singer Gavin Rossdale: twitter ipo tweets

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's first tweet:

Water ice found on Mars:

An Everest climb live-tweeted:

Oreo's infamous Super Bowl tweet

Royal baby is born:

Kevin Durant plays flag football: twitter ipo

New Relic ad: twitter ipo

Wheat Thins Vine ad:

Bonobos Twitter sale:



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