CoolBrands Council: 'Coolest' UK Products Targeted To Over 50 Crowd (PHOTOS)

For advertisers, maintaining a youthful audience is considered crucial to the success of a given product. However, a new British survey suggests items consumed by the over-50 market are increasingly among those described as the "coolest."

The survey, conducted by the CoolBrands organization, ranks the classic Aston Martin as the No. 1 "coolest" product in the UK, followed closely by Harley-Davidson, Rolex and even Chanel -- high-end, luxury products not frequently associated with the youth market.

As The Telegraph reports, the list is the product of a 2,000 person consumer survey and input from an "expert council," a group of 35 designers, models, and magazine editors.

So what does this mean for the world international commodities? High 50 writer Robert Campbell believes the shift is due, at least in part, to increasing life expectancy. "While some marketers still worry that targeting an older segment means their customers will forever be dying off, the opposite is true," he notes in a recent blog. "The only disadvantage of targeting us is that it makes the brand less sexy for younger customers. But there is this argument: given that hardly anyone under 40 can afford an Aston Martin, who cares?"

View the full results of the survey here.

View a selection of the top 20 products and their rankings below:

Cool Brands -- UK Survey