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Coolhaus Fried Chicken And Waffle Ice Cream: A How-To Guide (VIDEO)

Attention fried chicken lovers.

In a recent video, Coolhaus shares a secret recipe for fried chicken and waffles ice cream, one of the many wacky flavors that they offer at their storefront and ice cream truck in Culver City and nationwide.

If you have an ice cream making machine, then you already know that copious amounts of milk, cream and sugar are needed. But here's where things start to get funkified.

Assemble maple syrup, butter, cayenne pepper, black pepper, kosher salt, sage, chicken stock and chicken skins. First make a basic caramel with sugar and water. Then fry up the skins with all the spices in the broth and add the caramel.

Brown your butter and combine it with maple syrup for the base of your ice cream, and then when the ice cream is set, stir or drizzle in the caramel-chicken skin sauce.

Fastidious chefs may note the lack of measurements in the instructional video, but we say it just gives home cooks more license to experiment with what works for them.

Thanks to Jessica Goryl, Executive Pastry Chef of Coolhaus for sharing one Coolhaus mystery!

Now we're waiting on videos for the Peking Duck and Cuban Cigar flavors. Until then, we'll just start assembling duck bones and tobacco leaves.

UPDATE: For exacting home chefs, ABC news has an actual recipe for Coolhaus' fried chicken and waffles ice cream. Enjoy!