These Cooling Towels Will Be Your Best Friend On Hot Summer Days

Our editors swear by these, and they'll stay chilled for up to two hours.

If you’ve ever come home after a long, sticky day spent outside in the summer, you are probably familiar with feeling like you may never stop sweating again.

People who exercise regularly can probably second this. In the summer months, it can just feel impossible to cool down. Luckily, cooling towels exist — and they are game-changers.

Though there are quite a few different versions available, some of the most effective versions stay ice cold for up to two hours and you can activate the cooling effect with just water. They can make a serious difference for outdoor parties, concerts, sporting events and more. Our editors swear by them, but you really have to experience them to understand the hype. Here are a few different versions and testimonials from happy customers.

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A cooling towel with a 4.7-star rating
This towel is one of the highest-rated options with an average 4.7-star rating. As one customer writes, "Really love this towel for many different usages. I live in Arizona so we need a way to keep cool. I have used this towel for my daily walks, working in my yard and running errands. This towel cools instantly when activated with water. The towel is very soft and stays fresh."
These best-selling mini cooling towels
These mini cooling towels are super affordable and come in a variety of colors. According to the Walmart site, these are the best selling towels available, and the reviews are mostly positive. One customer writes, "I bought these for my daughter's travel softball team. We live in NC where it gets humid and mid 90s by May and these have [really] helped the girls. They are usually at a tournament for 8 hours minimum and these are so easy to use and they last a long time."
This fitness-focused cooling towel
If you exercise quite a bit, this might be the cooling towel for you. Not only does it stay cool for "several hours," but it wicks moisture away from the skin and is machine washable so you can use it for workout after workout.
This hyper-absorbent cooling towel
No matter how much you sweat, this towel has you covered. It absorbs up to 30 times its weight in liquid, all while keeping you as cool as possible. If you love long bike rides or will be spending a long, hot day at the beach, this could be a great choice.

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