Selfless Schoolboys Spot A Retiree Struggling With Yardwork, Finish It For Him

The students came together after noticing an 81-year-old man trying to move his woodpile.

A group of schoolboys in southeast Australia are being hailed as heroes for their collective act of kindness toward an 81-year-old man.

The young students from Cooma North Public School, in New South Wales, were about to board a bus after a rugby league game when they spotted the retiree struggling to move his woodpile.

Instead of ignoring his plight, the boys and their parents decided to go the extra mile -- and came together to help the elderly gent shift the logs from in front of his property to around back.

School principal Belinda Jamieson described the good deed in a Friday Facebook post that's since been liked more than 71,000 times.

"It was a rather large pile and would have taken the gentleman a long time," Jamieson wrote. "The boys and dads, without hesitation, decided to help the gentleman and completed the task in no time at all." 

She added she was "very proud" of the heartwarming gesture, saying it was wonderful to hear that her students were "paying it forward."

The retiree's identity has not been reported. But someone claiming to be his daughter later posted her thanks on Facebook.

"That was my parents," wrote Donna Joy Lauff, whom The Huffington Post has reached out to for further comment.

"When I arrived to help the wood was all moved!!" Lauff wrote on Facebook. "My parents were so grateful and can't stop talking about what a fabulous bunch of boys."