COP 16: Ahead Of Climate Conference In Cancun, Countries Make Individual Efforts To Cut CO2 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Ahead Of Climate Conference, Countries Make Own Progress On Cutting CO2

After last year's disappointing stalemate in Copenhagen, many feel that international climate change negotiations in Cancun have little chance of yielding a binding agreement. But we prefer to look on the bright side. Participants are hoping for progress on securing aid for developing countries, making technology available to those who need it, and developing a plan to protect forests.

Even with the death of the climate bill here in the U.S. and the European Union's hemming and hawing on lowering its carbon target, all over the world there are signs of sanity. Even here, with prospects dim for a hostile congress passing climate legislation, there is hope in the form of the EPA.

From stemming deforestation in Brazil, to early bedtimes in Japan, check out what countries are doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

Mayors Sign Pact

International Bright Spots in Cutting Carbon

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