Cop Barely Avoids Brunt Of House Explosion

The Texas officer credited "divine intervention" for his delay in arriving at the scene.

This was a close call.

Viral video released Wednesday shows a police officer in Hurst, Texas, walking toward the scene of a car that crashed into a home when the residence explodes. He recoils and can be heard grunting at the impact.

Incredibly, officer Travis Hiser avoided serious injury. He credited “divine intervention” for a slight delay in the cops’ arrival.

“Otherwise, I would have been up on the wall and it would have exploded completely into my face,” he told the NBC affiliate in Dallas. 

According to police, Hiser and a colleague, Ryan Tooker, heard screaming and breached a back door to rescue three occupants after the April 7 blast.

All are expected to recover, Hurst Police Department said in a tweet on Wednesday. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Charles Bridges underwent skin grafts on his hands and remains hospitalized, as does his wife, Dixie, who had an artery cut in the explosion. Hiser suffered a concussion, the newspaper noted.

The driver, who reportedly lost control and slammed into a gas line, was detained for not having a driver’s license and was handed over to immigration authorities. 



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