Cop Was Hailed As A Hero, But Video Tells A Different Story (GRAPHIC)

Sean Conway's heroic actions were celebrated last May.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority detective was shown on surveillance video pulling an inebriated Anthony Ferrier back from the edge of the train tracks, likely saving his life. He was hailed as a hero when the footage was released by authorities.

But an extended version of the video, obtained by WCVB, appears to show that Conway didn't just save Ferrier from the tracks, he also punched him repeatedly as the two scuffled on the ground.

The MBTA maintains Conway acted appropriately.

"The MBTA misled the public and clearly intended to do so," David Milton, one of Ferrier's lawyers, told the station. "If they truly believe the officer's actions were appropriate beginning to end, they should have released the entire video and let the public decide."

Milton had to sue the MBTA to get the full video and now, he said, he plans to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of Ferrier.

"Punching is not really recommended for police officers,” another one of Ferrier's lawyers, Howard Friedman, told the Boston Globe. “He didn’t look like he was in control of the situation. He looked like he was upset and taking it out on Mr. Ferrier.”

MBTA Lieutenant Detective, Richard Sullivan defended Conway's actions in a statement sent to The Huffington Post.

"Although we respect Attorney Friedman’s right to his opinion we disagree with his assessment of the incident in its totality," the statement said. "Detective Conway’s quick and decisive actions saved a man’s life. After careful review of the incident by our Use of Force Committee it was concluded Detective Conway acted appropriately.

Sullivan also said the MBTA had no intention of misleading the public.

"Detective Conway documented his actions via a Use of Force report and the implication the Transit Police or the MBTA attempted to mislead or deceive the public is simply incorrect," he said. "Based on potential and/or pending litigation on this matter it would be inappropriate for us to comment further."



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