A Cop's Job Is Difficult, But It Can Be Done Without Killing Humans

Here's the proof.

It hasn’t been an easy week. In Louisiana, police fatally shot a black man Tuesday who was not holding a weapon. A day later, cops shot another black man, this time in Minnesota, after he apparently reached for his identification.

Police have an incredibly difficult job. It’s still no excuse to execute human beings who have not put officers’ lives in danger.

Alton Sterling (L) was fatally shot by police in Louisiana. Philando Castile was fatally shot by an officer in Minnesota.
Alton Sterling (L) was fatally shot by police in Louisiana. Philando Castile was fatally shot by an officer in Minnesota.
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As a gentle reminder to law enforcement, here are some examples of how de-escalation tactics in potentially dangerous situations can save lives.

This teen strolled down a street with a loaded shotgun and still got to live.
Colorado teen Steve Lohner, 18, decided to walk down a busy street with a loaded Stoeger P-350 12 gauge.

"I simply carry this for the protection of myself and those around me," Lohner told cops.

The officers didn't shoot him, but Lohner was slapped with a misdemeanor obstruction charge for refusing to show his identification, KDVR reported.
This knife-wielding man threatened to kill cops and still got to live.
Harald Braun, Berlin via Getty Images
A man in New Jersey allegedly threatened officers with a knife in a three-hour standoff. Police said he tapped his "large knife" on the window of his front door and threatened to kill the officers.

He was eventually taken into custody.
This man went on a shooting rampage and still got to live.
A white man in Louisiana -- the same state where black man Alton Sterling was fatally shot by cops -- went on a shooting rampage and was still taken into custody without harm.

Derrick Daniel Thomas, 32, allegedly shot at a father and his 5-year-old son. He managed to shoot out the windshield and rear window of the pickup truck the two were sitting in, NOLA.com reported.

When New Orleans police finally caught up to the shooter and ordered he drop his gun, Thomas allegedly yelled: "No, you drop your (expletive) gun!"

Thomas was eventually taken into custody after police set up a perimeter. No one died.
This man shot toward cops with a BB gun and wasn't killed.
Jupiterimages via Getty Images
New Hampshire man Jesse Deflorio, 22, was shooting a BB gun at a dumpster before allegedly firing in the direction of police officers.

Deflorio was slapped with a reckless conduct charge. No one was injured.
This drunk man punched a cop and still got to live.
Chris Stein via Getty Images
On Wednesday -- the same day police in Minnesota stopped a black man and shot him dead -- a drunk man in a New York suburb allegedly punched a cop and wasn't killed.

Justin Yiu, 24, "staggered between being aggressive with police and being calm," a police report said.

Yiu allegedly punched one officer in the mouth and left others with multiple scrapes, cuts and bruises. He was detained and charged with aggravated assault, DUI, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment.
This masturbating man fought cops; lived to tell the story.
Oregon man Andrew Frey, 37, was allegedly high on meth when he decided to masturbate in a bar.

When an officer attempted to arrest Frey, a fight ensued. The officer radioed for backup and 15 other cops swarmed, finally subduing the masturbator.

No one was killed.
This man holding a rifle had a standoff with police, still got to live and got his gun back.
An armed Michigan man had a standoff with police. Not only did police not kill him, but the armed man even got his gun back.

Joseph Houseman, 63, prompted multiple calls to 911 after yelling at traffic while holding a rifle outside a Dairy Queen.

Houseman is an "open carry" advocate who argued with police for 40 minutes -- at one point calling an officer a "prick" -- before finally dropping the weapon. Not only was he not killed, but got his rifle back the very next day.

Two men died this week who didn’t need to. Police can do better.

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