Pumped-Up Florida Deputy Drives Off With Gas Station Souvenir

What a gas.

A deputy for Florida’s Volusia County Sheriff’s Office stopped to fill the tank of the squad car on Wednesday and left the gas station with a little souvenir.

Here’s a hint: It wasn’t doughnuts.

The unnamed officer drove off with the actual gas pump, but wasn’t aware of it until a motorist flagged him down, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The good Samaritan also took a pic that was shared by the department on Facebook.

It was captioned: “When you’re just in a hurry to get back on the job. No gas pumps were harmed in the making of this photo.”

Andrew Gant, the department’s assistant public information officer, told Orlando station WKMG that the picture was real.

Apparently, it began to rain while the deputy was filling up and the officer decided to sit inside the patrol car. He then forgot to remove the pump and simply drove back onto the road.

Gant said not to worry about the pump.

“The hose was a quick-disconnect so there was no damage and it was easily reattached,” he told the News-Journal.

The officer is being teased enough as it is, but Volusia County Sheriff couldn’t help adding fuel to the fire with this tweet:



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