Police In Nova Scotia Parody 'Hotline Bling' With 'Cop Light Bling' Music Video


The "Hotline Bling" party is officially over. Need evidence? Canadian police have made a video parody of Drake's viral hit.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia created the "Cop Light Bling" video to urge motorists to obey the local "move over law," which requires motorists to slow down and move to the furthest lane when passing a stopped officer. 

The PSA features lines like "You sped past my cruiser... you nearly hit my leg" along with the appropriate visuals:

"Humor always gets people's attention and we really wanted unorthodox, unique, a memorable way of getting the message out there," Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, who appeared in the video, told the CBC.

"We’re always evolving in how we connect with our communities, and this music video is another unique way of getting our message to citizens," Clarke said in a news release. “We also want drivers to know that when they slow down and move over while passing a stopped emergency vehicle, they’re doing their part in keeping first responders safe.”

Motorists face fines for violating the law, but maybe threatening to show them this video would be a more effective deterrent. 



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