Cupid Cop Gave Out Roses, Cards On Valentine’s Day Instead Of Tickets

Many were tickled pink by the sweet gesture.

ICYMI: A Manitoba woman is surprised to have a rose — not a ticket — after she was pulled over by police on Sunday for a burnt-out light on her car. Read more here:

Posted by CBC Manitoba on Monday, February 15, 2016

One Canadian constable made smiles blossom like flowers on Feb. 14.

Constable Kyle Isenor with the Ste. Anne Police Department in Manitoba, Canada, handed out 30 roses and cards on Valentine’s Day instead of tickets, CBC News reported.

"I was shocked," Laurie Burbine, a recipient of a rose told CBC News. "I thought, 'Who does that?' What an awesome thing to do. It made my day."

Burbine was returning from her son’s hockey game when she was pulled over by Isenor. At first she was confused as to why she was being pulled over, then she remembered one of her headlights had burned out. Her husband had promised to change it but hadn’t gotten to it by the time she was pulled over.

"I figured the ticket would be at least $100 or more," Burbine told CBC, adding that she hasn't had a ticket in 25 years.

Yet, instead of a fine, she got a flower and a hockey-themed card.

“Happy Valentine's Day from the Ste. Anne police,” read the card. “P.S. Fix the headlight.”

The act was especially touching to Burbine whose husband was out of town for the romantic holiday.

Isenor got the idea from a YouTube video he had seen of police officers in the U.S. handing out gifts instead of tickets for Christmas. Isenor loved the idea and decided he’d leave people who thought they were in trouble smelling like roses on Valentine’s Day with his spin on the good deed.

He bought 30 roses, cards and a bouquet of assorted flowers with his own money and passed them out to random citizens.

“Some people were very shocked and didn’t know what to say,” Isenor said in a follow-up video CBC posted to its Facebook page. “It really brightened their day.”

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