Cop Has Tea Party With Little Girl To Honor The Day He Saved Her

This is beau-tea-ful.
Corporal Patrick Ray and 2-year-old Bexley Norvell.
Corporal Patrick Ray and 2-year-old Bexley Norvell.

Tea for two, one of whom was in blue.

On July 17, Corporal Patrick Ray and 2-year-old Bexley Norvell had a tea party in a park in Rowlett, Texas, to celebrate the anniversary of the day Ray saved Bexley’s life.

Chelle Cates, a professional photographer, was hired to capture the adorable outdoor affair, which included a brand new experience for Bexley.

“This was her first [time eating Oreos] ever and she definitely enjoyed every crumb of it,” Bexley’s mother, Tammy Norvell, told The Huffington Post.

On July 26, 2015, a then 22-month-old Bexley was found unable to breathe after she swallowed a coin. Minutes before Ray was dispatched to the scene, she was unresponsive. The quick-thinking officer cleared her throat and got her to breathe again, CBS DFW reported.

The amazing rescue was captured on film due to the body-camera Ray was wearing.

“[That] day is right up there with my children’s births,” Norvell told The Huffington Post. “It has made me want to change people’s images and thoughts about these men and women that serve us everyday.”

Norvell also told HuffPost that a year after the incident, Ray accepted her invitation to do a tea party photo shoot “with no hesitation whatsoever.” She also mentioned that when Bexley, who was being boosted up by a blanket so she could reach the table, offered the officer a blanket as well, he politely refused.

An officer and a gentlemen, indeed.

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