Compassionate Cop Saves Service Dog Belonging To Girl Who Has Cerebral Palsy

The bond between this little girl with special needs and her service dog is incredibly special.

Faith Cloud of Pierce County, Washington, has cerebral palsy and is unable to communicate verbally. Sometimes the only way her mother, Tonya Cloud, can calm her down when she's upset is to have her play with her dog, Spice, reported KIRO 7.

On Oct. 3, Spice was hit by a car and left with a broken leg and multiple pelvic fractures when the driver fled the scene. Pierce County detective Ryan Salmon noticed a crowd gathering at the scene of the accident, and zeroed in on Faith in her wheelchair next to her injured dog on the ground, according to KIRO 7.

In that moment, Salmon took Spice, Faith, her mother and a friend to the nearby hospital to address the dog's wounds. When he heard later that the family could not afford the X-rays and treatment for Spice's recovery, he offered to pay the $200 bill for them. Tonya Cloud was grateful for his help, because she feared the dog would have had to be euthanized otherwise, and Spice meant so much to her family.

"It wasn't about being a cop," Salmon told KIRO 7. "It was about having compassion for this girl and her dog." He and his department are still searching for the suspect.

It's reassuring to see instances where law enforcement doesn't just protect us, but our beloved pets as well.

Last summer a 59-year-old woman in Carver, Massachusetts, called on the local police for help when she submerged her truck in more than 8 feet of water. One of her dogs was able to escape, but the other was trapped inside until Officer David Harriman arrived. An dog lover himself, the officer didn't hesitate to jump into the water, retrieve the dog and return him safely to the woman, WCVB reported. Harriman, too, recognized that he wasn't just a dog -- he was family.



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