This Is What It's Like To Be An Unarmed Black Man In America

You know how it is. You're outside your house, sitting on your stoop, peaceably eating an ice cream cone, and when you look up there's a gun trained on your face and a police officer demanding that you vacate the premises.

Or maybe you don't. You don't, unless you're not white.

In "Cop v. Black Guy," a Funny Or Die video written by "Key And Peele" veterans Colton Dunn and Phil Augusta Jackson, a cop accosts a young man sitting on his on porch. Things advance and get absurd quickly -- his uniform switches from SWAT to Stormtrooper before we know it -- and the absurdity is fitting.

The video comes in the midst of a nationwide conversation about the "criminalization of the black body," a phenomenon in which the act of walking while black -- or, as is the case in this clip, sitting on your porch eating ice cream while black -- is met with violence and bullets. It's as absurd of a reality as it is a damning one.

Kudos to Dunn and Jackson for broaching such an important topic with their satire.



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