Copenhagen Philharmonic Flash Mob: Orchestra Plays 'Peer Gynt' In A Train (VIDEO)

You know the feeling. You're standing in a quiet Copenhagen city train, wondering why "The Killing" never quite took off in the US, when suddenly orchestral music fills the air. You know the tune. It's the famous Peer Gynt suite, written by Edvard Grieg to accompany an Ibsen play of the same name, all about maidens and trolls in old Norway. The flute solo is perfect, no shakiness, and you can't help but smile at the mix of whimsicality and focus in the car.

No? Never had that experience? Well here then:

Congratulations. You were just serenaded by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, a group that's becoming expert at staging ethereal flashmobs in places that don't seem capable of hosting them. Just like with their performance of "Bolero" in a Danish train station last year, the audio in this April 2012 recording is beautifully clear, a fact that hasn't escaped some YouTube commenters. Someone claiming to be the director is already addressing suspicions in the comments section about whether the audio was recorded in a studio (he says it wasn't). According to him, there's no funny stuff: this is just what "3 cameramounted mics, two microports glued to the ceiling, one stereo mic," and a symphony orchestra that knows how to make a viral video sounds like.