People Are Losing Their Minds Over A Big Mac Covered In Molten Copper

Watch it, and you'll never eat one again. 🍔 🙈

They say McDonald's foods are indestructible. And now, we know it for sure.

This video of a Big Mac getting doused in molten copper will blow your mind ... but not for the reason you think.

You may expect to see a burger shriveling under the hot weight of flaming metal. But instead, the thing remains as steady as the golden arches in a windstorm:

YouTube user Tito4re ran the molten copper experiment as part of a longstanding series in which he pours molten copper on stuff. The video has been viewed well over 2 million times.

It's important to note, as Snopes points out, that you'd likely see the same result if you poured molten copper on pretty much any burger, due to the scientific Leidenfrost effect.

That being said, a Big Mac still isn't the best choice if you're looking to get molten-hot abs. Just one burger has 40 percent of your recommended daily sodium intake, and the bun contains high fructose corn syrup (say WHAT?!), which can lead to blood sugar spikes and weight gain in large doses. (To be fair, regular sugar does basically the same thing.)

Um, we'll make burgers at home, thanks ... on a regular grill.

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