Cops Make Very NSFW Discovery While Searching Car Trunk

Into each life some blow-up sex dolls must fall.

Police are trained to expect the unexpected.

So it was all part of the job when officers from the Lancashire Constabulary's road policing unit in North West England stopped and searched a car early Saturday -- and found an inflatable sex doll in the trunk.

The cops posted a snap of the unusual find to Twitter:

Police said the man "tried his best to justify" the presence of the doll, although they didn't offer details.

It's unclear why the motorist was pulled over or whether he was ultimately arrested or charged with an offense. The Huffington Post has reached out to the Lancashire Constabulary and will update this story if any new information becomes available.

Twitter users aimed a few cheeky comments at the road policing unit:

The current status and location of the doll are not known, although based on the photo, it appears to be a relatively cheap, blow-up vinyl version and not one of these silicone mannequins that sell for upward of $7,000.

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