Florida Cops Could Be Fired For Having Sex On The Job

They allegedly sent each other photos showing their body parts while in uniform.

A Florida police chief wants to fire two veteran police officers after an internal affairs investigation determined they had sex on the job and sexted each other in uniform.

Jupiter Police Chief Frank Kitzerow recommended on Tuesday that sergeants Amy Walling and Jason Vansteenburgh be terminated for conduct unbecoming an officer, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Walling has been employed by the department for 20 years while Vansteenburgh has been there for 17.5 years.

An internal affairs report alleges that the two officers, who were previously in a relationship together, engaged in all sorts of questionable behavior.

In July 2015, Vansteenburgh received oral sex from Walling while on duty, and lied about it to investigators, according to local station WPEC TV.

According to an internal affairs report obtained by the station, Vansteenburgh filmed the sex on Walling’s phone and she later showed the 23-second clip to investigators.

That same year, Vansteenburgh took a photograph of himself wearing his SWAT uniform while exposing his penis. He sent the photo to Walling.

An internal affairs report obtained by the station said Walling took a photo of herself exposing her breasts while wearing her uniform shirt and sent it to Vansteenburgh.

Vansteenburgh and Walling started dating in 2012, which is allowed by the Police Department, Kitzerow told the Palm Beach Post.

“We have husbands and wives working in the department. We are not concerned about their relationship. We are concerned about their performance as police officers,” Kitzerow said.

The department became seriously concerned after an April 2016 incident at a local restaurant where Walling bit a fellow officer and another person before striking another officer.

The disagreement stemmed from a Facebook message Walling sent Vansteenburgh’s fiancee detailing days and times they had sex after he became engaged.

For that, she was reduced in rank from sergeant to officer and given a 30-day suspension without pay.

The Jupiter Police Department has issued a statement saying that Kitzerow recommended terminating both sergeants based on the findings of a thorough Internal Affairs investigation.

The release added: “The actions of these individuals do not reflect the culture or organizational values of the Jupiter Police Department.”

Walling, Vansteenburgh and Kitzerow have all not replied to a request for comment from HuffPost.

The recommendation to terminate both officers has been sent to the Jupiter Town Manager, who will make his decision in March, according to WPBF TV.

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