Police Kill Woman, Charge Man They Were Trying To Shoot With Murder

The man who police were trying to shoot when they killed an innocent bystander is now charged with her murder.

Police responded to Vixen Bar in Orlando, Florida, on Aug. 19 after a 911 caller told them a "gun wielding maniac" was in the establishment, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Kody Roach, 23, ignored officers' commands to get on the ground, according to a police report obtained by the Sentinel.

Officers attempted to use a Tazer on Roach, but it was ineffective because of his baggy clothes, the report said. Roach then allegedly reached into his waistband, prompting police to fire, according to the report.

"In order to prevent an armed individual from causing harm to any members of the public or to any of the surrounding officers, Ofc. Sanguino discharges his firearm nine times striking Roach at least five times," the report said.

Police said Roach had an unloaded handgun when he was fired upon. He was taken to a hospital and survived his injuries.

Amid the gunfire, one of the bullets fired by Orlando police officer Eduardo Sanguino hit and killed 22-year-old Fernanda Godinez, WESH reports.

Sanguino has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation of the shooting.

Now, police say Roach is responsible for Godinez's death, and they've charged him with first-degree felony murder.

"As a result of Roach's criminal actions, Ofc. Sanguino had no choice but to use deadly force in stopping the threat posed to the public and fellow officers by Roach. As a result of Roach's actions, an individual was killed, therefore probable cause exist to further charge Roach with first degree felony murder," his arrest affidavit states, according to WESH.

WKMG reports that another OPD office, Lt. Frank Nunez, a 19-year veteran of the force, was also hit with a ricochet bullet to his shin.

He is recovering at home.

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