Kenneth Corcoran And Ed Muir, Two Brothers Separated As Toddlers, Meet Each Other After 80 Years

Kenneth Corcoran and Ed Muir last saw each other in 1932, when the brothers were separated as toddlers. Now 80 years later, they've been reunited thanks to Corcoran's persistent daughter and the power of the Internet.

The Naples News reports that the two had to part ways when their mother died. Muir, now 84, and another brother were raised by their father in Chicago, but Corcoran, who is now 82, and two other siblings were handed off to an orphanage -- five children being too much of a burden for a single parent in the midst of the Great Depression.

"I worried about them," Muir said of his long-lost siblings to the NY Daily News. "I often thought about the rest of my family, how they ever turned out, but I had no idea."

All the other siblings, including the family that eventually adopted Corcoran, have passed away.

When the two brothers finally met, the similarities were uncanny. "Those two old guys are totally twins. They're identical. They look alike, they act alike, how they raised us," Corcoran's daughter, Pam Gregerson, told WDAY TV. "Everything is the same."

Similar, indeed. Both men served in the military, share similar interests, and even have the same favorite song: "Wabash Cannonball." In one key area, though they do differ. Muir is a Republican; Corcoran, a Democrat.

The Daily Mail reports both brothers can't wait to see each other again. "Eighty years is a long time being separated," said Muir.

Joked Corcoran, "We're not going to make it another 80 years before we see each other."

PHOTOS of the two brothers meeting one another [via WDAY TV]:



Long Lost Brothers Meet 80 Years Later