Give Your Jeans A Break This Fall And Wear The Best Corduroy Pants For Your Shape (PHOTOS)

The Best Corduroys For Your Shape

It was just a few short weeks ago that the notion of wearing pants was ludicrous. With temperatures hovering in the 80s and fierce humidity forcing our clothes to stick to our sweaty bodies, the idea of wearing anything that even touched our skin was out of the question. The past few days have been much cooler, and our jeans are finally seeing the light of day again. But it won't be long before we are sick to death of denim. So why not try out corduroy pants this fall? They are the same shape and the ribbed fabric is just as comfortable and versatile as jeans, not to mention just as cost-effective.

The key to wearing cords is to find the right shape for your silhouette. Then, wear them the same way you'd wear jeans (in fact, your favorite denim style is probably available in corduroy -- check out J.Brand's "Love Story" in cord). Buy a pair in a neutral hue like black, camel or grey or go for the color of the season, oxblood (that's burgundy to us normal folks).

Check out our slideshow below of some of our favorite celebrities wearing corduroys, plus tips on which silhouette is right for your body shape.

Hourglass: DO wear high-waisted or mid-rise styles with a fitted waistband. Add a belt to showcase your tiny waist.

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