Former Child Actor Corey Feldman Films Music Video For 'Duh,' Not 'Goonies 2'

Eighties teen star Corey Feldman has been focused mostly on music as an adult, along with continued film and television work (an episode of Psych here and a role in "Zero Dark Dirty" there ... #nojoke). His latest project, however, is entitled "Duh," and includes Corey's own brand of goddesses whom he calls "Corey's Angels" (he even made coreysangels.com, which looks to be a little dusty in its current state). In the video footage, Feldman channels his inner Michael Jackson from his dress to his dance moves. The two were close friends and Corey attended MJ's memorial service dressed like his idol.

Corey emulating The King of Pop isn't new, it was happening in his '80s movies:

Another one of Corey's MJ-like performances

The two met on the set of "The Goonies," which might just be Feldman's most popular film to date (other notables include "Stand By Me" and "The Lost Boys").

Even at the 25th Anniversary release party for "The Goonies," Feldman performed a cover of Michael's "Billie Jean."

Corey gets some help too from fellow "Goonies" cast member, Sean Astin (a.k.a. "Lord of the Rings" Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee), to help sing the Cyndi Lauper "Goonies" theme -- "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough"

If only Corey would take his focus and attention on music and put it into, say, "Goonies 2"! (It could be good ... right?!)

"Goonies 2" Fan Trailer

The single for "Duh" was released on iTunes in August. There doesn't seem to be a music video release date yet, but there is currently a music video for his other recent single, Ascension Millennium .

We choose to think of Corey like so ... (or
The Feldawg

Do you think you'd go and see a "Goonies 2"?



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