Corey Feldman's Mom Responds To Book Claims: 'Most Of It's Not True'

Former child star Corey Feldman makes plenty of horrifying claims about his childhood in his new memoir, "Coreyography," and now his mother, Sheila Kenner, is hitting back and coming forward to say "most" of what's been written about her is "not true."

In his book, Feldman claims his mother was a drug addict and was emotionally and physically abusive, writing that she bleached his hair blond at the age of four, tortured him about his weight, and eventually force-fed him diet pills.

Another time, Feldman alleges that after he was fired from a TV movie, his mother attacked him with a long wooden dowel that was used as a window stop until his skin was "raw and bleeding," while screaming at him: "How could you f--king do this to me? You know I need this f--king money. I will kill you. I will f--king kill you, you worthless piece of sh-t.”

The allegations don't come as a complete shock to Feldman's mother, who now says she's had enough, and is speaking out about her son's book for the first time.

"This thing with Corey is getting totally out of hand. I’m stressed, but I’m trying. It’s very hard to deal with. It really is. I just have to deal with it," Kenner told RadarOnline.

"I had a pretty good idea [what was coming in the book] because Corey and I discussed it. At one point, we went out to dinner. He said, ‘Mom, you’re not going to like what I have to say.’ I said, ‘Corey, I’m probably not gonna like it. I’m gonna be pretty hysterical and I’m gonna know that most of it is not true,'" she revealed to the website. "He said, ‘Just go along with it.' He told me, ‘I want you to know that you’re just gonna be getting swamped.'”

Kenner says she hasn't read her son's memoir but has been keeping up with his media appearances, and also takes issue with her portrayal as a greedy stage mother, explaining that it wasn't all negative and that show business did have some benefits for her family. And when asked about Feldman's claims of sexual abuse he says he endured as a teen, Kenner had this to say:

“I have more to write about than you do, Corey! I was an adult around all that stuff."

It's not clear how that statement would relieve her of responsibility, since, as she said, she was an adult at the time her teenage son was being abused.

A request for comment to Feldman's rep was not immediately returned.



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