Corey Lewandowski Scores New TV Gig

Look for this talking head on a lesser-known conservative channel.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has become a paid pundit for One America News Network.

With close ties to the president-elect, Lewandowski brings a higher profile to the fledgling conservative cable channel, based in San Diego. The Daily Beast first reported that Lewandowski landed at OAN.  

Publicity materials from OAN claim that it airs “more live news coverage than any other news network” and that it is “fast becoming the 4th rated cable news channel!” The cable channel, which launched in 2013, has begun promoting Lewandowski’s appearances. 

“We got a lot of help from [Corey] in the past, and he seems like very nice guy and very knowledgeable,” OAN CEO Robert Herring told The Daily Beast “You know, we’re a growing network, and we saw a chance when he quit CNN and we just grabbed it.”

In December, Lewandowski announced the opening of a D.C. consulting firm with Trump campaign adviser Barry Bennett. 

Previously, Lewandowski had been a contributor on CNN, but he resigned days after the election in November. 

His short tenure at CNN began after getting fired from Trump’s campaign in June at a time when there was an internal power struggle to stabilize the campaign after a series of missteps. 

In March, then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields accused Lewandowski of assault for grabbing and bruising her wrist at a campaign event in New York. Video appeared to show him yanking her, but Trump defended Lewandowski’s actions.